May you never

Judge me by how I act

I may have been hiding the real me

Leave me at the toughest time

It might give you regrets

When you see me flying in bliss

Love the fake reality in me

You might feel betrayed

Trust the words I speak

I changes my mind so fast

Be satisfied with the efforts I made

I do not exert much of it

The time I had with you

They were filled with haste and hesitations

May you never think I could stay longer

understand more

love purely

appreciate much of you

Because once upon a time I gave it all

Nothing’s left. Nothing to hold me back.

ps: people do leave you always. they are just temporary sunshine in the storm. They are just a mere decorations in my ocean. They had the brightest color but eventually faded in a blink of an eye.


For all the laughter we had that faded

For the moments that became just memories

For those silent conversations

For the explanations that fell on deaf ears

And the affections that hit the frozen heart.


One sided love

I knew I love you

I knew someone had your heart

I knew She is someone you will take in the future

I knew I can’t have you

But I don’t know

I love you

But I can’t have you

Loving you was wrong

and I understand why it is.


We were accommodated nicely by a principal at a School where we conducted an interview and observation for their curriculum. We were nicely treated by The people and they even shared a lot of in formation.

This is one thing I am thankful about.